whispering angels magic

whispering angels magic


measurements: 11x14 inches

medium: acrylic painting

material: wooden canvas

Main Color: pink
  • measurements

    the face of the painting is measured at 11x14 inches. the painting's sides are measured as 1.5" and are painted beige to match the original color of the wooden canvas.

  • medium

    acrylic mixed media on wooden canvas.

  • hanging instructions

    don't worry, this is really hassle free! while normally most customers have to go to a frame store following their purchased, buy a costly frame/have it wired. SheehanArtwork had a different idea to ensure the best for our customers, the artist, and viewers. all you will need to do is hammer two nails into your wall. you will simply be able to rest your painting on the wooden ledge on the back of the wooden canvas. and you're done!

  • framing options

    if you still would rather prefer to purchase a frame, that is of course up to you. your local listings will likely have an available service to either help you pick which frame would look alright, and help you frame/wire and hang it, but SheehanArtwork is not licensed to do this for you.

  • care

    since the painting does not have glass around it, please be sure to softly dust the painting as you would anything in your house, to keep its vibrant appearance. do not hang the painting in a place with high temperatures.

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