Juliana Purcell Sheehan  is a professional fine art painter exhibiting and selling her acrylic mixed media paintings across the country. Her artwork features movement and bright colors through different forms of styles resembling abstract expressionism, impressionist and contemporary pieces. In addition to showing at galleries, Juliana works full time painting commissions for clients, attending to her online stores and selling her other Sheehan Artwork. While she spent two decades in the Chicagoland area, Juliana now prefers to split her years moving seasonally to be near the ocean from may through December. always loving being back in Chicago for weekends in the summer for projects and shows, and in the colder temps residing on the Northshore local to where she grew up. A humanitarian and philanthropist at heart, Juliana loves getting involved and partnering with different organizations, various causes, events and auctions for a good cause. Juliana is looking forward to becoming more involved in her communities with like-minded people targeting honest and purposeful organizations that make life a little sweeter.

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