artist statement

When I am thinking about art, it puts me at ease, free of stress and gives me peace in full focus. What might set me apart from other artists are how various rhythms, songs in particular, are a huge part of my work and I have to be listening to a certain song/album/genre often while working as they connect together for me as I work. I get anxious sometimes if I am interrupted or unable to continue a stream of thought while writing in my note pad or my canvas and acrylic paints, or worse, if I don’t have access to paper and a pen. I even have dreams of paintings I’ve never seen before , created in ways i don’t always previously know how to do. I refer to those ideas as side "homework", and will begin research in order to achieve what I see in my head. Beginning to thread my thoughts together always makes for the best days of the week, writing daily dozens of pages or research and notes about the subjects, lost inside my head.  


My hope is to give viewers a different way of thinking, experiencing also through touch while raising awareness to important issues. Most textured acrylic mixed media paintings are designated to let viewers not just see but for the first time, touch. Art is often shown, expecting formality in silence and hands-off, however this can be very difficult for people with different styles and differences. What if you can’t see paintings? What if you're a little kid who can't sit still when being toted around errands with your parents? How could I engage many more engaged in the beauty of art?


While literally counting my blessings one morning, I thanked God for my sight, arguably one of the greatest privileges I was born with. Thinking on I could engage more audiences who wouldn't typically benefit from an art show, I thought of braille and began to learn it in the last several years, but more recently promoting my paintings with braille messages relating to the visual content of the piece.


Not including what you see when you view the painting, unlike ever before, you are welcome to touch the textures. They’re are so many different messages within every painting you view,  but this will put you on a different level if you allow your mind to open in a new way of thinking. There’s always a different way of looking at something. I can't wait to show you!


Love and only love,